Hi, I'm Fer Chinos.

A Mexican photographer living in Italy and Mexico specialized in weddings and love stories with 12 years of experience. I love to travel and see the world through my camera. I dream of one day living in a small house with the love of my life, continuing to visit countries and making fresh pasta.

I love weddings. Really, I love them.

My job is to "disappear" to capture the things you would do when you’re alone. Photograph all the moments of your wedding as they happen: the details, the excitement and nervousness while getting ready, the first meeting, the look of your friends and family as they watch you marry the love of your life, the joy without poses, laughter and tears (and among them, some of mine).

I assure you that I will document the little things, the big things and the atmosphere. So every time you see these photographs again, you are transported back to that moment, like in a time machine.

My goal is that in ten or twenty years, when you can't remember what color the flowers were, what the cake tasted like, or who danced the most, your photos will take you back to your wedding and allow you to relive these moments over and over again.